Colon Hydrotherapy: Frequently Asked Questions

Did you know that colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer related deaths in the United States? It may seem surprising and a bit devastating, but is very true. eMedTV, a medical informational resource, confirms this fact in one of its findings. Looking at the gravity of this disease, the American Cancer Society had predicted that approximately 148,610 people would be diagnosed with colon cancer and 55,170 of them would die of it in 2006. Whether this prediction proved true is a different issue, but what is more important here is to find a way to prevent this problem. Colon hydrotherapy is a clinical procedure that is recommended by most health experts to improve colon health. Patients who have undergone this therapy have reported a noticeable recovery from their colon related ailments.

Colon Hydrotherapy: Which Conditions Lead to Colon Cancer?
Conditions that may not look very grim initially may ultimately lead to a deadly disease called colon cancer. These conditions include:Recurring constipationBlood in stoolDiverticulitisIrritable bowel syndromeDiarrheaColon hydrotherapy is an effective way to treat all these health problems. If due attention is paid at the earlier stage, colon cancer can be kept at bay.

How Does Colon Hydrotherapy Work?
Colon hydrotherapy is a medical procedure to irrigate and revitalize your colon. It is usually performed by a certified practitioner who has undergone special training for this procedure. He makes use of sterilized or disposable medical equipment to pass 5-10 gallons of purified warm water into the colon through the anus. All toxins, trapped gases and accumulated waste are removed from your colon through this process and thus you feel deeply relaxed and rejuvenated.

Is Colon Hydrotherapy Painful?
Many people feel worried before this therapy, since they believe it to be a painful process. However, there is nothing that causes pain. Plenty of water is passed into your colon through the anus and then passed out using massage and other stimulation techniques. So, there is no piercing or any kind of discomfort. In fact, at the end of the therapy, you feel more refreshed. In rare cases, people report of some pain, which is generally the result of hesitation and tension. A professional therapist will not only make the whole procedure a lot easier for you but can also make you comfortable with his pre-therapy counseling session.

Can Colon Hydrotherapy Result in Constipation or Diarrhea?
Sometimes people report of constipation or frequent bowel movements following colon hydrotherapy. These conditions are the result of poor colon health. A very weak colon is unable to make regular bowel movements even after a few sessions of this therapy. For this, the colon requires to be strengthened and healed properly. Very rarely, diarrhea is experienced after this therapy. This is because extra water is induced into the colon, which makes the stool softer than usual. However, this is not a serious situation and does not last more than 3-4 days following colonic treatment.
Colon health is a priority for detoxifying the body, encouraging weight loss and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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