Increasing Awareness To Prevent The Major Causes Of Cancer

The best thing about cancer is that it can be averted. Changes in diet, lifestyle, and pretty much everything surrounding cholesterol, nicotine, and alcohol is the key to be cancer-free. But, it would be impossible for you not to have tasted food without cholesterol and have not drunk a glass of beer. So, to avert cancer, you can always try these lifestyle changes.

Filter the water you are currently drinking. Research have shown that the water we drink right off the sink can cause cancer. Several carcinogens are present in the drinking water that you deem to be safe.

If you plan on having a Sunday barbecue, make sure that you have marinated your barbecue for at least an hour before you grill them. We all know that grilling is a risky way of cooking meat as it can induce cancer but marinating your barbecue can cut the risk in half with the help of herbs that have antioxidants.

Coffee has been known to prevent brain cancer from developing to at least 40 percent. So, down 4-5 mugs of coffee or any type of coffee a day to help prevent tumors from growing on your brain. Coffee and caffeine is also known to prevent throat and mouth cancers.

Water down your risk for cancer by drinking 8 glasses of water a day. Water dilutes the chemicals that causes bladder cancer. It also flushes toxins out of the system.

Green vegetables help lower your chances of getting colon cancer. Not only does it provide you with enough natural fiber, but it is also a good source of magnesium that is important for proper cell division and replication.

While heading outdoors, choose the right colors to wear. Blue and red have better protection against UV rays than white and yellow so prefer to wear them. Prepare large hats and sunglasses to protect your body from the heat of the sun that can cause melanoma.

Take calcium supplements to help prevent colon cancer. This can also greatly help in preventing bone cancer as well. Calcium helps strengthen your bones as well as your immune system.

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