How Do Anti Sperm Antibodies Affect Vasectomy Reversal?

Several factors affect the infertility condition of a man. Certain drugs that you may be taking to treat a chronic ailment may contribute to your infertility condition. However, the most common and most difficult to treat is the development and production of anti sperm antibodies.

How do you explain anti sperm antibodies?

The anti sperm antibodies is a developed autoimmune system that triggers an allergic reaction to sperm. This means that the body perceives and treats the sperm as a threat. The immune system will then react by mobilizing the antibodies to search and destroy any sperm presence. If you have this condition, it would be difficult for you to impregnate a woman naturally.

The testicles protect the sperm from potential damage the auto immune system may cause. People who developed anti sperm antibody are capable of destroying their own sperm even if the testicles are already protecting them. The auto immune system goes right through the barrier and destroys the sperm. The antigens that attach themselves to the surface of the sperm make the whole search and destroy thing easier because they can easily track them.

The autoimmune system automatically detects the presence of the sperm and initiates a response. Unfortunately, the response triggered by the antigens is search and destroy. The antibodies would then stick to the surfaces of the sperms and tries to destroy their quality. This automatically destroys the function of the sperm. The extent of the damage depends on the sperm location and the volume of antibodies surrounding or attaching to them.

Potential effects of antibodies on the sperm

If the anti sperm antibodies attach themselves to the tail of the sperm, they lump together and make the sperm unmoving or immobile.

If the anti sperm antibodies attach themselves to the head of the sperm, they start to penetrate the sperm and prevents it from fertilizing the eggs. Anti sperm antibodies penetrating the sperm would make them unable to bind with the egg for fertilization.

Anti sperm antibodies

About 10% of men consulting about infertility have this common problem of anti sperm antibodies immune system. However, some women also developed anti sperm antibodies commonly called as sensitivity to sperm presence. Technically, sensitivity to sperm presence means that the cervical mucus of the woman is sensitive to any sperm presence, which initiates a response from the male’s body leading to the development of an anti sperm antibody. About 40% of married couples dealing with infertility problems are found to possess the anti sperm antibody autoimmune system.
Other factors that trigger anti sperm antibodies development

Several factors may trigger the development of the anti sperm antibodies. One of the most common factors is the injury on the testicles. The other factor could be a twisted testicular sack, which would result to the development of anti sperm antibodies. Sometimes, infection may mess up the immune system and produce such condition.

Vasectomy reversal and anti sperm antibodies
Studies show that the vasectomy reversal procedure has the capability to trigger the formation or development of the anti sperm antibodies. The procedure could also potentially develop other risks such as varicocele, testicular biopsy, and cancer. The procedure could also develop undescended testicles and congenital absence of the male’s vas deferens. About 70% of men who had undergone the procedure developed the anti sperm antibodies. A semen analysis would help the doctor diagnose the health of your sperm and if there is any presence of anti sperm antibodies. The doctor may also request a cervical test in case your semen sample show any sign of anti sperm antibodies to know the real cause of this condition.

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