Leading Pathology lab in Chandigarh

With an increase in the number of diseases and patients, the demand for pathology labs is increasing every year. There is need of pathology labs which can deliver high-quality services in right time.
Narang Diagnostic Lab is one of the topmost medical labs in Chandigarh. The lab offers all the medical diagnosis and tests under one roof. Patients from all over Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh come here for all kinds of tests and diagnosis. NDC is one of the best blood test labs in Chandigarh. All kinds of disorders such as obesity, stress, anxiety, cardiological, respiratory, mood swings, depression are diagnosed at the lab. Patients visit the lab to get their medical tests done in the minimum time. The patients come from different backgrounds like govt. Employees, businessmen and defense personnel. People visit here for medical check ups and they get detailed reports for their treatment. Equal importance is given to patients from all sections of the society.

If you are looking for the best clinical lab in Chandigarh, NDC is the right place for you. The lab has employed professional staff and the pathologists have years of experience in their roles. The staff at NDC gives extreme importance to the patient’s health and time. The staff members are very friendly with patients and always perform their tasks with extreme care. They perform the tests and provide the detailed report to the patients in right time. With high technology imported equipment and professional staff, the lab delivers the best in its class services to the patients. The quality of service and customer satisfaction has made it the best diagnostic centre in Chandigarh. Patients looking for the home diagnostic tests in Chandigarh can visit the Narang diagnostic centre for fast and reliable services.

NDC offers the patients a wide range of medical tests such as Inr test in Chandigarh, blood test, ultrasound, diabetes, thyroid and cardiac tests in the right time. All the tests for metabolic disorders, infertility, immunology and cancer are done and detailed reports are provided to the patients. The lab prepares and delivers the reports in the minimum possible time so that the patients get the treatment in the right time. The pathologists also advise the patients after watching the reports, with their expert advice for the treatment of problems. Patients who are searching for an affordable test for diabetes in Chandigarh can visit the Narang Diagnostic centre for all the tests for diabetes. NDC is the best private pathology lab in Tricity in terms of quality and timely services. The patients looking for thyroid test in Chandigarh can also visit NDC for all the thyroid tests and diagnosis. The patients from Mohali, Chandigarh and Chandigarh came here for the reliable and affordable services.

NDC performs a wide range of medical tests in all disciplines. The lab also provides expert advice to the patients on how to maintain their health. It offers the information about health to the patients so that they can keep themselves healthy after treatment. The lab has been proven to be the best Diagnostic lab in Chandigarh and Chandigarh. Narang Diagnostic Lab is providing value for money and quality services to the patients, since 1999. Dr. A.K. Gupta is the leading consultant pathologist and Mr. Amar Narang is the Director of the lab. NDC offers different health packages to the patients at affordable rates. The lab offers discounts on the packages. The charges at NDC are lowest in the Tricity. With its professional team of pathologists and commitment to quality, the lab is delivering high-quality service to the patients, since 1999.

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