White-Flour Product Killers

On the pyramid diets recommended by the U.S. RDA, one of the main important groups of food that people are told to eat is the grain group. Many people think that if they eat any kind of cereal, bread or pasta, they are getting their grains for the day.

However, when all of the bran, germ and good part of the grain is taken away, you are left with a white flour product that is devoid of nutrition and hazardous to your health. Have you ever heard the saying, “The whiter the bread, the sooner you’re dead.”? This is a really true statement.

Whenever you isolate something, it becomes out of balance for the body. That is how drugs are made, by isolating a single chemical out of the plant. White sugar for example, becomes a narcotic after it has been through the multiple refining and processing steps.

The same is true of the white flour products. Back in the day when white flour first came into being, only the rich could afford it. It was a delicacy that brought multiple health problems for the rich.

So, while the poor people were consuming real whole wheat bread or steamed wheat and staying in excellent health, the rich were having gout, arthritis, digestive complaints, kidney disruptions, and other diseases. However, because they were rich and enjoying the soft white bread, many of the poor people were envious.

Here we are today in a society where white flour products are readily available for everyone to enjoy. A few vitamins and minerals have been minimally added to the white flour products. However, studies have shown that these are also isolated and out of balance and contribute to cancer.

If you want to make some quick, easy glue, just mix some white flour and some water together to form a paste, it’s quite effective as a glue. Having no fiber, the gluier white flour products can really gum up and constipate a person’s digestive tract too.

The result is that many people are becoming gluten sensitive, unable to absorb B-12 and other important nutrients. They are complaining of light-headiness, stomach cramps, and lack of energy.

Add to this the problem of the lack of fiber and many people are becoming more susceptible to colon cancer and obesity as the gunk has troubles moving through the digestive tract.

It’s also extremely difficult when bleached white flour with all of its chemical additives is present for the body to be able to maintain the healthy flora of the colon. No matter how much yogurt a person consumes, the beneficial bacteria is unable to survive with all of the junk food that is consumed.

This contributes to infections in the body as the bad bacteria takes over and people become susceptible to many forms of cancer, urinary tract infections, vaginal yeast infections, colds, and flus.

Some naturopathic doctors have recommended that their patients toast all bread, so that it will be easier to digest and not gum up the digestive tract. This is quite helpful for even the whole grain products.

It is always best to stick with wholesome plant foods and avoid man-made disasters to your health. If you are currently consuming a wholesome, unadulterated, high-fiber, 100% plant-based diet, then an occasional little treat may not harm you too bad.

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