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Osama Zafar (operations)

Hey everyone,

I am here to just keep an eye on you guys and see that your questions get answered by the amazing people we have working with us. Do remember that they are extremely busy individuals and I am always here to give them a nudge in the right direction. You can count on me to make sure that your queries and problems are solved. I promise you that.


Oliver Sullivan (Music and Philosophy)


This is Oliver Sullivan. I am the senior organ scholar at Cambridge, and am reading Philosophy. I am pretty well-versed in these subjects (or so I hope.. ;)).

But yeah adding to what Zohaib said, watch out for the blogs and pop me any question that comes to your mind on the forums.


Zohaib Asharaf (Biology and Chemistry)

Hi! My name is Zohaib and I was a year senior than Ali at Roots. I had pretty decent O and A Level grades with some regional distinctions in my O Levels and also scored reasonably well on my SATs. I am currently doing medicine from the Aga Khan University, Karachi, Pakistan. Since I had a particular interest in Biology and Chemistry, in my A Level, I guess I could help you better in these subjects. However, I also liked General Paper and Mathematics pretty much.

We, here at the A Level challenge, represent a group of students worldwide with one common aim-sharing our ideas and experiences with the rest of the world so that as many students can benefit from them as possible. We have learnt numerous lessons on the way, many of them hard. We want to share these with you because we want you to cruise smoothly through your A levels without any hitches.
At the moment, each of us intends to write at least one blog weekly. Therefore, every week, you will be seeing a new blog coming up in each subject area, probably around the weekend. However, before we start pouring our ideas out, we would like you to be our guide. Let us know about the issues that plague you. Give us your feedback because that will be one of the primary things shaping the content of this website.

There is also a general techniques segment, which basically contains all the suggestions and tips for effective studying regardless of subject matter. Make sure to check these out for ideas on improving your learning skills and how to turn your studies into a whole new pleasurable experience.
We have done the talk. Now let’s walk the walk.
Best of luck in whatever you are doing!


Welcome to the a level challenge blogs!

The goal as stated before is to help as many people as possible, through this website. This is just another way in which we here are trying to accomplish this task.

You will get students from all over the world blogging here about their experiences, the techniques they found handy and what you can do to do better not only at exams but everything.

the a level challenge team

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