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The Somalian girl with the two angels

There was a young Somalian girl about 15 years of age and is taking her GCSEs, she would come home late every night through the dark and dangerous streets of London, to stay behind after school to complete her coursework. When returning home, she would have two options to take, the long, safe but exhausting route, or the short easy and dangerous route through the narrow passageway to her house. Everyday she would take the easy route as she complains that her �leg hurts�, this route has consequences, and the young girls mother continuously nags at her to take the long route as its safe. She would answer back to the mother and say, �Don�t worry mum, everyday I read Ayaat al Kursi as im walking, and I remember Allah�, but this does not reassure the mother.

However, this girl is no talk ma�shallah, she wears full hijab and concentrates on her schoolwork. Anyways, one day after school, she took the short and dangerous way, walking sensibly reading her Qur�an and Ayaat al Kursi, she came across a tall black man, hugely built, he looks very dangerous, as she came closer to him she looked the black man in the eyes and passes him and nothing happens. The young girl arrived home 20 minutes later.

The whole neighbourhood was awakened by a young girls cry, in the same passageway the girl young Somalian girl passed. People rushed to see what happened, they hesitated as the girl was raped. The police was called to investigate this case, and asked if there were any witnesses or if anybody saw anything in the passageway. The young Somalian girl came forward and confessed that she saw a big tall black man. She described the man fully, and the police covered the whole area and caught the man.

They took the young girl in for questioning, they asked her if I was to show you the man would you recognise him, she said yes, then the man was identified. The police asked the black man, did you see anyone in the passage way, he said yes I saw a Somalian girl, the police said, then why did you choose to rape this girl than the Somalian girl. The black man answered, there was two hugely built men standing by her shoulders, and I was frightened of them. The police went to ask the girl �Was there anyone with you when you walked the passageway? She said no. The policeman was confused, then the police asked how did you protect yourself of this man, she answered simply, I read ayaat al kursi, the policeman asked her if she would mind translating ayaat al kursi, she translated it, and the men understood, when a person reads ayaat al kursi Allah sends two angels to guide them.What the black man saw were angels sent by Allah to guide the young girl.

The two police men investigating this case were in shock, one of them has converted into Islam, and the other is in intensive care, but wants to convert.

end the story

i hera a similar one it happend in holland andit was a murder andi hear another about a muslim girl andi it was about london underground

by Jihad_soldier deze verhaal is waar gebeurd Exclamation

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