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Top 10 Gadgets / Technology

Here are the top 10 Gadgets the world has faced in the years 2012 and 2013. 

1.      Google Glass – 

Google glass have revolutionised the way people use their gadgets. It is funny how the phone and computer combined gadget rested upon peoples head (literally). They are practically the most anticipated devices one would want. Moreover these are not just some bluetooth devices but a really smart device which will make many things easy and simple. 

2.      Samsung Galaxy S4 

Samsung has kept its Galaxy S series going on by introducing this device. Like its ancestors, it too has taken a nice way inside the market. It is the first Smartphone to come out with an octa – core CPU. Also it has temperature and altitude sensors which too are a something new. Other than this it has features which are really something looking forward to. 

3.      BlackBerry OS 10 

BlackBerry OS came out as a very big surprise to all the BlackBerry users. This new OS is a peep into the Smartphone factor. It has tons of new features and possibly a better and efficient functioning. If you are a true BB fan then you will totally love these new features. However the phone still lacks support over the App market and there is less hope for that to change. 

4.      iPhone 5 

iPhone 5 created a great heap and anticipation before its release. It was liked by many users, but a few tend to dislike it because no new innovation actually integrated. The new iPhone has a screen little bigger than the previous ones. Other than this a new CPU and chipset i.e.  Apple A6. 

5.      Nvidia Project Shield 

Nvidia Project Shield is a new innovation by Graphic Card giant Nvidia. High powered Android Devices will be able to play games away from there home. They can connect their device to their TV through WiFi or other connecting options. This will change the world plays games. Moreover it can result to be a tough competition to Xbox and Play Station. 

6.      3D printers 

3D printers sound cool but difficult. But it is possible and moreover it is developed and being tested. This technology was started to create advanced items through the help of a computer within seconds. It will really great to see these things around the market. I would personally go for it with my eyes closed. 

7.      Sony Play Station 4 

Sony has developed quality products till now. Its Play Station range is currently the best Gaming Console one can get. It would be great to have the next version of this perfect gaming console. All the current users have predicted what the device would be. What I think is that the console will have a better configuration i.e. hopefully a new chipset. Along with this, it would be awesome if they make it more slimmer and portable. 

8.      Sony 85 Inches TV 

A Projector sounds good, but does really bad when it comes to quality. On the other hand it is cheap and affordable. But if you are looking for something big and with more clarity, then an 85 inches screen is something you will need. And thanks to Sony for introducing that to us. 

9.      Panasonic 20 inches tablet 

Tablets have become a craze around people. Here is a very big tablet for you. A 4k resolution tablet from Panasonic of 20 Inches. One thing which increases its beauty is the fact that it is powered by Intel Core i7. Which explains the insane resolution. 

10.  Samsung Curved Glass LED TV 

Most of us want the theatrical effect in homes. Here is a masterpiece by Samsung. A curved glass LED TV. This is practically something we have been waiting for. This will be definitely something you would want to hang in your living room.

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