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With recent FDA warnings about a possible bladder cancer link to the diabetes drug Actos, many patients who have suffered from the serious medical condition after taking the drug have expressed concern over their legal rights.

It is important to understand that those who developed bladder cancer after taking Actos can file a claim in a special federal court for their damages. However, the compensation available may depend somewhat on whether they choose the right Actos lawyer.

In June of 2011, the United States FDA issued a warning to patients taking Actos that use of the drug for longer than one year may be associated with bladder cancer. The news caught millions of patients who had switched to Actos for Avandia by surprise.

Since the maker of Actos, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, didn’t warn people of the risk of bladder cancer, experts fear that tens of thousands could have been affected. Investigators are now looking into whether the company knew about these risks but hid them from consumers.

If you have taken Actos and been diagnosed with bladder cancer, it is important to speak with an Actos Lawyer as soon as possible. You may be entitled to substantial compensation from a special federal lawsuit. Time to file, however, is limited.

The recent FDA warning on Actos came after the French Medicines Agency released a large scale study which found those patients taking Actos for their diabetes faced as much as a 40% increased chance of developing bladder cancer.

Drug safety authorities in Germany and France have now banned further sales of Actos. However, it is still on the market in the United States, where it is used by as many as 2 million people each year.

It is important for anyone who has taken Actos to monitor for the symptoms of bladder cancer. Also, anyone diagnosed with the disease should contact an Actos lawyer about their options. A lawsuit can help with the treatment, medical expenses and lost time associated with fighting the disease.

Due to the large number of Actos bladder cancer lawsuits being filed around the country, a federal multi-district litigation court was recently set up in Louisiana to consolidate the cases. It is important to choose an Actos lawyer who is familiar with this MDL process.

Lawyers with the Actos Litigation Group have helped thousands of families affected by drug injuries recover their damages and are among the few who are fighting Actos cases. These same lawyers are available to answer questions about your case today.

Drug injury lawsuits can be complex legal matters. Making sure your lawyer is qualified for this type of case, has experience fighting large drug companies and has the resources to finish your case can have a dramatic affect on how you are compensated.

The Actos Center works with only the top drug injury lawyers and law firms in the country to make sure your case is handled properly.

Contact us today for more information on Actos bladder cancer and to speak with a lawyer about your legal options. We are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions and provide help.

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