Vulnerability/Disaster Assessments

Being familiar with Katrina, images, stories of catastrophe repeatedly,
transmitted by the media. Despite the horrific turn of events in New
Orleans, we discount the episode as specificity, exclusive to New Orleans
geography. Katrina was not indicative of a typical costal hurricane

Assess a Category 3 storm, a mandatory evacuation, and possibly over
six hours of hurricane force winds. Is your facility prepared to lose
power, water, sanitary, telephone services, roofs, and window systems?

Can you recover from water present on all floors of your structure,
ceilings failed or water soaked, HVAC systems down and interior environments
lost to humidity? Let Healthrisk Technologies assess methods to improve
survivability and launch recovery.

We can assemble a comprehensive team to work through the lengthy process
of negotiating insurance claims and implementing a remediation process.
Risk assessment planning and swift actions can alleviate potential damage
to your facility that may have rendered it un-acceptable for patient
care or re-occupancy for an extended duration, mitigating far greater
damage due to loss of the hospitals envelope and interior environments.

Healthrisk Technologies, Inc. has the real world experience to lead
healthcare providers through this most important process.

” to discuss how we can
support your complex world of health and the environment of care.

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